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T o u c h é

Fashion x Interior x Concepting x Hudson's Bay

Inspired by The Unseen Alchemist and Studio Roosegaarde I made the concept Touché. Both studio's are engaged in innovative and inspiring smart materials and textiles.


The goal of Touché is to bring people together and remind them why interaction with other people is so much fun, and above all: good for your health, both mentally and physically.

Loneliness is a growing problem within our society. Lonely people don’t know where to go to interact or how to make new connections. Hudson’s Bay is a central located department store where people can come together and learn how to interact with each other once more and make new friendships. 

image by

The Unseen

The amount of material on the glove tells how comfortable someone feels with new contacts. With little material, the wearer communicates that she needs little protection and is open to direct communication. The more material, the more the wearer protects himself and therefore feels more uncomfortable with contact.


The gloves are made of 100% natural and sustainable materials:
cotton, natural latex and linen.

Within every Hudson's Bay a Italian dinner will be created. This dining area has a 100% recycled Italian oak dining table. Around this table chairs will be seated and the seat upholstery will be made out off the same material as the gloves.  Tapestries will be hung on the walls with the available material and customization for the gloves and chairs. Different meals such as anti pasti, pastas and salads will be prepared and served from this truck.

Touché is a fictional fashion line commissioned for Academie Artemis.

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