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Just add Water

Media x Interior x Concepting x Waternet

Just add Water is a fictional advertising campaign commissioned by Academy Artemis

Just add Water is a campaign by Waternet (the water board of Amsterdam) to make young adults aware of their daily use of water and waste. With the help of a social media campaign, festival stand and poster series, the campaign is brought to the public. The visual language is based on Pop Art. This art movement from the 1960s is known by turning contemporary means into art. This way water will not be present in a literal but in a figurative way.

The campaign lasts from March to September.


Photography: Erik Nld

Model: Evita Zethof | Karianne Mahler
MUAH: Suzan Mantel
Concept, Illustraties & Styling: Jonne Dijkstra


The campaign will be introduced via social media such as Instagram and the website of Waternet.




From Koningsdag and -nacht (27 April) until the end of August there will be a sea container from Waternet at several festivals where festival visitors will be informed about daily water use and waste. In addition, they can take an active part in the campaign through a photo shoot. The images are edited live in the studio like the previously shown campaign.




The images of all media will be replaced with the images made at the festivals. This is how participants become the campaign.



Unfortunately, the end of the campaign is near. All participants will be thanked through an aftermovie that is shared via social media.

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